AVPS Padurea Verde Santelec is a hunting association in Santelec, Bihor County, where the legendary woods of Transilvania, Romania are.

We pride ourselves on managing three extremely game-rich hunting areas, on which we can offer you one of the best hunting experiences of your life.

padurea verde santelec

These three hunting areas are situated close to the beautiful city of Oradea, as well as the Felix Baths.

AVPS Padurea Verde Santelec has been founded by experienced hunters, people which have dedicated their life to this passion.

padurea verde santelec

We are committed to providing you with a great hunting experience here in Transylvania, during which you will get to experience our traditional hospitality, as well.

hunting in transylvania

We can provide everything you need for a successful hunting experience, including transportation, booking your accommodation, directions regarding the necessary papers and whatever else you may need. We’re sure that, once you pay us a visit, you will return over and over again.

Contact us now to discuss the options for your hunting trip!

A gallery of some of our hunting experiences is available below and will be constantly updated. Click the image to see the next one!